ASEAN Sero-surveilance Study (initiated in 2021)

As many ASEAN member states are marching ahead with national vaccination programmes, one important question to ask is the effectiveness of the vaccines in seroconversion, in generating neutralizing antibodies in recipients to protect them against the SARS-CoV-2 and its variants. To come out of COVID-19 pandemic, thorough data on seroconversion, vaccine effectiveness and antibody waning is necessary for the different populations. To shed light on the above, an ASEAN sero-surveillance study has been designed to determine the state of immunity of our populations in the ASEAN region before and after vaccination, monitor the rate of seroconversion of neutralizing antibodies, evaluate the half-life of the vaccines post-vaccination and provide data on breakthrough infections. This study will provide data on seroconversion for the ASEAN population which is going to be helpful for public health policy making. Information on antibody waning and breakthrough infection would also be helpful for countries to design further vaccination programmes for administering booster shots. Thus, it would help in charting a path to attaining herd immunity which would lead us to exit from COVID-19.


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The four key disease areas initially targeted by the ASEAN Dx Initiative (Dengue, Hepatitis B, Malaria, and Tuberculosis) are priority areas of unmet clinical needs. These areas were identified by the Initiative’s Strategic Planning Panel comprising stakeholders from each AMS.

Priority will be given to proposals that are strategically fit and beneficial to ASEAN. Likewise, medical value, workflow efficiency, competitive landscape, and commercial attractiveness in the development of product are important and necessary as the eventual expected outcome should be market-ready.

Based on the applications received, the ASEAN Dx Initiative shall invite the relevant SPP members of the applicant’s ASEAN country, to obtain endorsement from their respective chair of Committee of Science & Technology (COST) on the ASEAN Ministerial Meeting of Science & Technology.

Any AMS public and/or private sector entities are welcome to participate. Successful applicants shall be invited by the Initiative to co-develop a solution and shall be typically co-funded by the DxD Hub with up to USD$50,000 per project.