ASEAN is the third largest population in the world, with a population size of 649.1 million people as of 2018.

It is significant to provide diagnostic solutions to meet our medical needs based on our geography and economic development. In 2018, ASEAN Dx Initiative was formed to address the rapid growing healthcare demand in the MedTech sector, driven by population growth and a rising middle class.


About Us

Through this initiative, we are partnering with DxD Singapore because they have the connections with industry partners, the big and small companies in the ASEAN region, and they will actually match our technologies, our scientists to the right channels and maybe also guide us to the valleys of death.


- Dr. Jaime Montoya,
Executive Director of Philippine Council for
Health Research and Development 
Co-Chair of the ASEAN Dx Initiative

“The ASEAN Dx Initiative seeks to create and commercialise diagnostics products via the ASEAN ecosystem through public-private partnerships. With this first call for project proposals from the ASEAN region, we look forward to receiving robust proposals tailored towards addressing the four key disease areas identified that are predominantly found in ASEAN.”


- Dr Sidney Yee, CEO of Singapore DxD Hub and
Co-Chair of the ASEAN Dx Initiative


First call for proposal for 4 major
infectious diseases in this region in 2019:

The Target Product Profiles of 4 key diseases incorporating SPP’s feedback are appended in
Annex A to manage the breadth of project proposals.

Annex B contains the evaluation criteria that form the basis of evaluation for proposal submissions to shortlist successful applicants.